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Delaware Legislation to Address Gun Violence and Mental Health

This post covers proposed Delaware legislation to address gun violence and mental health.

At a theater in Aurora, Colorado last year a young gunman opened fire with an AR-15, a military-style rapid fire rifle, killing and wounding a number of persons who were watching a Batman movie. The shooter had been under a psychologist’s care, but Colorado law contained inadequate provisions to prevent him from possessing the gun, and obtaining via the internet 100 rounds of lethally penetrating ammunition.

The state of Delaware is considering legislation (House Bill 88) which would save lives like those lost in Aurora, by establishing a legal process for keeping guns out of the hands of persons with mental illness who present a danger to themselves or others.

The two videos below, filmed at a press conference held by the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence on Jan. 9, 2014, explain why passage of House Bill 88 is so important. This bill is receiving support from many mental health advocates, and some members of the NRA who do not regard it as a threat to the Second Amendment.

Information Concerning House Bill 88:

Parent of Aurora victim supports Delaware House Bill 88:

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