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Feasting and Dignifying Differences

Feasting together is human beings’ default way to dignify their differences. This was the principle message of the Rev. Neal Presa when he spoke to members of New Castle Presbytery, convening at the Makemie Memorial Presbyterian Church in Snow Hill, Maryland, on December 3rd. See the video below.

If you read my last post you’ll notice that Neal and I agree. I wrote there about four steps to interfaith peacemaking.  Supping together is the recommended first step in that process.

Interfaith readers might want to know, what’s a Moderator do?  Well, Presbyterians in the United States every two years hold a national assembly, and that assembly is presided over by a Moderator, who guides the proceedings using prayer and Roberts’ Rules of Order. Moderators are elected at these assemblies, and serve for one term, until the next assembly takes place.  Lay people as well as pastors are eligible for election. After the assembly adjourns the Moderator and Vice Moderator become representatives for the denomination.  They visit throughout the country and abroad, giving speeches to interpret and promote the mission of the whole church.

In his closing remarks Moderator Presa told an interfaith good news story, about a Christian pastor who defied the Egyptian government in order to build a new church, and was saved from imprisonment later by Muslim neighbors.  Watch this story below, about the “inside-outside” church.

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