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How Can Delawareans Combat Global Warming? Plant Trees!

Dear interfaith friends,

plant_for_the_planetThe good folk at the Delaware Center for Horticulture taught me that a good sized shade tree eats up a lot of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.  Carbon Dioxide is a major contributor to the mix of pollutants called “greenhouse gases” which are raising temperatures on our fragile planet.  One way we can combat this problem is to plant trees.  The DCH has free trees for you to plant!  Here’s the info:

Bare root trees now available from the
Delaware Center for Horticulture

Affordable, lightweight and easy to plant

Deadline for orders is February 15

Give someone special a TREE this year for Valentine’s Day!

WILMINGTON, Del. – The Delaware Center for Horticulture (TheDCH) kicks off its spring bare root tree sale, with orders due February 15, just in time for Valentine’s Day. For this sale, every order also receives four free tickets to the Delaware Home Show. Tickets can be redeemed at the Wilmington show on March 2 & 3 or at the Dover show on April 6 & 7.

Ten varieties of trees that thrive in our region’s towns and cities are available. TheDCH is the only retail source in the State that sells bare root trees. This sale is NOT A FUNDRAISER for the organization – TheDCH is dedicated to making trees affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

To learn more about what’s special about bare root trees, and to see a list of available trees and descriptions with photos, visit
What makes bare root trees so special?

· Bare root trees are inexpensive compared to other trees of similar size with a dirt ball of roots

· Bare root trees are lightweight and easy to handle, making planting a simple activity everyone can enjoy.

· Bare root trees are easy to plant because the planting hole should be wide, but does not need to be deep.

· Bare root trees are low maintenance with an excellent survival rate as long as they are watered twice a week during the growing season until fully established.

· Bare root trees have 200% more roots, which means quicker and healthier growth!

Pre-paid trees can be picked up at TheDCH on during business hours on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21. A free “How to Plant your Bare Root Tree” training class (with free pizza!) will be offered at TheDCH in the Trolley Square neighborhood of Wilmington on March 21 from 5:00 – 6:30 PM. Register here: (more – Page 1 of 2)

Plan ahead to settle in your new tree as soon as possible to prevent the roots from drying up, and to allow time for it to settle in before the summer heat rolls around. Store trees in a cool shady spot until you are ready to plant.
Click here to order bare root trees online from TheDCH.

Every Tree Counts

All trees planted in Delaware count towards a regional partnership to Plant One Million trees throughout 13 counties in Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The campaign aims to restore the average “tree canopy cover” (i.e. the area of land shaded by trees) in this region to 30 percent coverage. TheDCH, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the New Jersey Tree Foundation serve as lead partners in each of the three states. Learn more at
To learn more about the benefits of trees, visit:

For more information about the bare root tree sale or to register for the free planting workshop, contact Annie Acton at (302) 658-6262, ext. 106, or at

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  1. Barry Zalph Barry Zalph

    Thanks for encouraging this extremely beneficial personal action! The axiom says, “It’s better to plant a $10 tree in a $100 hole than a $100 tree in a $10 hole.” In other words, how and where you plant your new tree has more to do with its flourishing than does the quality of the tree that you plant. The Arbor Day Foundation has good online materials (including videos) of how to plant and care for trees. See:

  2. Thanks for the comment, Barry. And for the other way you have contributed to a healthier atmosphere: bicycling for a good deal of your transporation.

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