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Interfaith March Against Gun Violence

title slideThis post features a video of an interfaith march against gun violence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Wilmington is one of the worst cities in the U.S. for gun violence. As of December 28, 2013 there were 151 deaths by guns, many of them children caught in cross fires.  Pastor Sandra Ben, who leads the Praying Ground Community Church on East 22nd Street, has been organizing peace marches to raise awareness and public support for measures to reduce gun violence.  In this video the Wilmington Peacekeepers, an interfaith group, leads a march of citizens in the East Side, an area especially affected by shootings.


  1. Jeanne Jeanne

    So sad….but really not sure what the answer is. I participated in an entire Stop The Violence weekend conference at Ezion Mount Zion UM downtown ?10 years ago now and things have only gotten worse. Part of the answer has GOT to be creating truly equitable schools not funded by property taxes so kids in lower income areas have an even playing field for their efforts.
    But parents really have to step up to the plate as well. Without instilling simple self-respect to rise above, not sure what any amount of resources can do.
    But I’ll keep praying.

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