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Interfaith Work Day at Habitat for Humanity

I’m about a month late with this post because I was waiting on a group photo to complete the story.

hands with hammer
ready and willing hands

On January 17th several Wilmington, Delaware Ninth Ward houses of worship sponsored a volunteer work day as the last event in this year’s celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.  All the volunteers showed up at the Habitat for Humanity office on Superfine Lane in Wilmington, and from there split into several work groups.

at the loading dock

I stayed in the group that worked in the warehouse, loading the truck with pre-assembled wall panels that were needed at the Millstone Town Homes building site.  The picture in the header is an artist’s rendering of the that housing project when it is finished.

The truck had to be packed very carefully so that the panels that would be needed first by the builders would be the ones nearest the back of the truck.

Here we are checking the loading list to make sure we’re putting the panels aboard in the right order.

planning loading

Some panels were small and could be carried by one person, but some were long and HEAVY, requiring four to six persons.  After a morning’s hard work we enjoyed some lunch and fellowship, and then in the afternoon set to work building more panels.

Thanks to the hearty volunteers pictured below who lent a hand at the Habitat warehouse, and to the other work teams who labored on that cold Monday in January.

holding board (Medium)

Stay in touch with Interfaith Reflections for more news about interfaith volunteer work days.  Youth are planning one for May 22nd.  More details later.

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