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Introducing You to Some of My Interfaith Friends

interfaith symbolsAfter 9-11, when I began my own humble efforts in interfaith peacemaking, I had no idea that I was joining a worldwide movement.  People of faith all over the globe were organizing to prevent the spread of religious hatred and terrorism. With this Interfaith Reflections post I begin a series of posts called “Interfaith Friends.”

On Twitter you can follow this series at #interfaithfriends.

Let me introduce you to some exemplary interfaith friends in the tiny state of Delaware.

As storms become more violent and summer temperatures climb, I give hearty thanks for the good work of Delaware Interfaith Power and Light (@DelPL on Twitter), which is directing public attention to the crucial problem of global warming. Their “About” page says:

Delaware Interfaith Power & Light (DEIPL) marshals Delaware’s faith communities to face the serious issue of climate change. We seek to ensure a livable planet for ourselves and future generations.
DEIPL was founded in 2011 as a chapter of Interfaith Power & Light, a national non-profit organization promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy to combat climate change. Interfaith Power & Light brings the voice of the faith community into the policy-making arena to protect the earth’s ecosystems, safeguard the health of all Creation, and ensure sufficient, sustainable energy for all.
Many different religious traditions believe in our common responsibilities as stewards of this earth.  And, many have put that belief into practice by taking action to protect the environment.  Please visit our“What We Believe” page for links to these statements of faith and practice.

students_walking1I also give thanks for the good work of Delaware’s interfaith organization, Career Insights for Teens (on Twitter, @CIFT2). Using written assessment tools and consultation with professional career counselors, Career Insights for Teens helps juniors and seniors in high school:

· learn more about themselves

· identify their unique personal gifts

· explore careers and vocations in which their gifts might flourish

· make informed decisions regarding what to do after high school so as to realize their potential, live productive and meaningful lives, and make the world a better place for all.


IRC_LogoFinally, I give thanks for the Interfaith Resource Center, a lending library of books and videos for individuals and communities of faith. The Interfaith Resource Center is located in the northern suburbs of Wilmington, but it routinely serves remote clients in the region by mailing them resources. If you’re planning a group study and need advice about study books or films, the IRC staff gives great recommendations!

I’d like to meet your interfaith friends too! If you use Twitter please  tweet their addresses to #interfaithfriends.

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