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Occupy Delaware Members Host an Interfaith Seder

seder_6The motivation for social protest comes from deep within, often from spiritual experiences and participation in communities of faith.

Members of Occupy Delaware share a commitment to social change, but not necessarily a religious affiliation.  Some are members of faith communities, some not.

Last Saturday all were welcome at a Jewish religious festival, a seder meal, hosted by Occupy Delaware members Akiva and Hadassah DeJack.  From this point I’ll let another friend, Norris Cramer, an Occupy Delaware friend and a member of Hanover Street Presbyterian Church, tell about the event.  Norris writes:

Saturday night we had an Occupy seder (a Jewish celebration of the freeing of the Jewish people) at, of all places, a Christian Church.   It was hosted and put on by Dassi and Akiva DeJack (Jewish Occupy Members) and was the brainchild of Occupier Rev. Hannah Bonner, who made the arrangements with Grace United Methodist Church in Wilmington. seder_4

It was a beautiful gathering of the tribes. We had a very diverse group, from black and white to Latino, from well off to poor, from Jewish to Christian, and even non believers, all coming together in a spirit of love and learning.

If I could say what I would want heaven to look like it would be that night. We were gathered at tables in a large square all facing each other. We shared Kosher wine and grape juice ( for us non drinkers). We had an abundance of food. Jewish custom requires you to find someone outside the gathering who is hungry and offer them a share in the meal. We found a woman on the streets of Wilmington who was hungry and she shared in the meal. We were not allowed to pour our own drinks, since custom also says you are not a slave anymore and you should be served. So your neighbors to the right and left of you serve you, as you do others. There was a spirit of love and joy as we gathered together, remembering the struggles of the world, but concentrating on the joy of liberation. It was a beautiful night. We sang, we reflected, we laughed and we learned.


This was considered a liberal seder, as it was very free flowing. We at Occupy say we want to change the world…Well I got a taste of what that change might look like….Long live Occupy!!!! With love, peace and blessings!


— Norris Cramer

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