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Occupy Delaware Protests Home Foreclosures

Occupy DE home foreclosure protestOn Wednesday, November 13th, members of Occupy Delaware gathered at Wilmington’s City-County Building to protest the foreclosing of homes in a Sheriff’s sale that was taking place inside the building.  At Occupy Delaware’s website the purpose of this protest was stated:

  • We, the citizens of OCCUPY DELAWARE, demand that our elected officials put an IMMEDIATE halt to all sheriff sales and foreclosures until each case affecting a Delaware home is reviewed.
  • 3000 homes in Delaware are in foreclosure now, and a record 6,000 homes were foreclosed in 2010.
  • We demand that every effort be made to work out payment plans which allow people to stay in their homes.
  • We demand that the banks which caused the economic crisis that forced people into foreclosure and which were rescued by a bailout using public money re-pay that debt directly to the people by helping them stay in their homes.
  • We demand that all charges of fraudulent and illegal activities by  banks be investigated and resolved before any foreclosures are executed.
  • We demand A HALT to Foreclosures NOW!
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