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Occupy Delaware Settles in at Spencer Plaza

painting mailbox2

This morning I visited Occupy Delaware’s tent camp and met Billy Merrill, a gifted artist who makes his living as a technician.  With a friend he was decorating a cardboard stars-and-stripes mailbox outside his tent, as a sign that he’s here to stay for a good while.

address shingleAnother Occupy neighbor, Hadassah Dejack, was putting the finishing touches on a “shingle,” to let folks know where she and her husband are tenting.  Occupy Delaware is settling in, with seventeen tents pitched as of today.

As Occupy encampments are spreading across the country (and in cities outside the U.S. as well) some are straining the patience of governments and fellow citizens by violent behavior.  It’s important that Occupy Delaware members conduct themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner.  Such behavior is in accord with the high ideals of the movement.


good things to come 


In this and future posts you’ll hear from Occupy Delaware members who are tenting out, or supporting the movement in other ways.

In the video below Billy Merrill tells why he has joined Occupy Delaware.

Billy Merrill speaks about his role in Occupy Delaware



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