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Occupy Delaware’s Purpose

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At a recent General Assembly Occupy Delaware passed the following declaration of purpose:

Occupy Delaware is an inclusive group of concerned individuals who convene to express dissatisfaction with and effect changes to the economic status quo. The monetary interests of corporations and extremely wealthy individuals subvert our government, dominate policy making, and corrupt our democracy. Occupiers symbolically “occupy” our own country, to re-claim it in the interests of the majority, so that our voices will be heard. Through peaceful protest, education, and community outreach we seek to engage the populace, encourage participation, and influence changes in our society to better serve the interests of all people. Our process is one of consensus building, and direct democracy.  We feel this is an idea whose time has come. This is what democracy looks like.

I am proud to stand with the members of Occupy Delaware, who are protesting egregious injustices and creatively modeling direct democracy.  Our devotion to bettering the lot of “the least of these” is much in accord with the way of life to which Jesus called his disciples.  As a Christian pastor and interfaith peacemaker I’m glad to join other persons of faith in this promising movement.  May it leaven the lump!

— TCDavis




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