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Occupy the Dream Day at Spencer Plaza

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Yesterday, on a national U.S. holiday to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a crowd gathered in Spencer Plaza to “Occupy the Dream,” that is, to remember Dr. King’s striving not just for racial justice, but economic justice too.  Speakers included the Rev. Lawrence Livingston, pastor of The Mother African Union Church; the Rev. Donald Morton, pastor of The Perfected Life Church; Bishop Aretha Morton, pastor of The Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral; death penalty abolitionist, Barbara Lewis; Occupy Delaware spokesman, Bernie August; and Occupy Delaware’s poet laureate, Phillip Bannowsky.

In his lead-off remarks Reverend Livingston welcomed the Occupiers on ground sacred to African Americans in Wilmington, for it was there that Peter Spencer founded the first independent black church in America.  Reverend Livingston observed that the Occupy Wall Street movement and its constituent assemblies in various states and cities have goals for achieving economic and social justice similar to those championed by Dr. King.  So, Delaware people of faith who are devoted to following Dr. King’s non-violent method for achieving economic and social justice should welcome Occupy Delaware members, who are walking the same path, he affirmed.

The pictures in this post’s gallery show some highlights of the event, and a short video of the Rev. Donald Morton speaking emphasizes Dr. King’s stress on economic justice.

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