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Using the Internet for Interfaith Peacemaking

Building Bridges GatewayAre you disgusted by terrorists using religion to recruit suicide bombers? Are you moved to take a stand against extremists who are misrepresenting your faith?  This post tells the story of a retired Presbyterian pastor who heard that spiritual call.  You, too, can make friends across faith lines, and use the internet for good. Read on!

How I Became an Online Interfaith Peacemaker

Even before the internet came along I loved communicating online, using “bulletin boards” where I left messages by modem.  By today’s standards this was a VERY slow way of communicating, but it still made global conversations possible.  I’ve been an avid telecommunicator ever since.

After 9-11, Interfaith Was Born

When did I start using the internet for interfaith peacemaking?  After 9-11 I saw that the internet would be used by religious extremists to spread hatred and recruit terrorists. On the other hand, I recognized that the internet would help peacemakers find each other, and create a prophylactic fabric of good will to prevent evil-doers from spreading suspicion and ill will. That’s when I launched Interfaith Reflections.

Twitter has helped me easily find interfaith co-workers on the other side of the planet.  Because of the brevity of tweets, the speed of a Twitter stream, and the ease of making new contacts, I find Twitter unbeatable for expanding my mind and increasing my contact list.

Two weeks ago a new Twitter follower direct-messaged me this request:  “Would I like to be on Channel A9 TV in Istanbul, Turkey, on a program called “Building Bridges Gateway“? I checked out the URL she sent, and tweeted “Yes!”

The video below records my conversation with channel 9, using Skype.  I offer it to show how the internet can be used to meet and collaborate with peacemakers all over the planet.

I invite you to leave a comment. If you’re interested in guest posting at Interfaith Reflections, please follow me at Twitter or Facebook and let me know!


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  1. Pat D. Pat D.

    Thanks Tom – For sharing and your global reach-out for inter-faith peace !

  2. Odalis Odalis

    That broadcast was uplifting. It still is daunting figuring out what to do with the radicals, but the Quaker message gives us hope.

  3. Grace Stiers Grace Stiers

    Thank you, Tom. That was an interesting and educational interview. I have always thought interfaith peacemaking a very worthwhile endeavor. Do you know any likeminded folks around here in Nashville?

  4. Lynne K. Lynne K.

    Thanks for sharing, Tom. It’s inspiring to see these kinds of connections being made around the world.

  5. Serkan Bulut Serkan Bulut

    Thank you Mr. Davis for sharing the video. It is always a pleasure to listen to you. It has been awhile since we last got together, as your friends at Rumi Forum we hope to see you again soon.

  6. Melis Bayrak Melis Bayrak

    I wish you a day full of Light by grace of Almighty Creator

    The Almighty Creator Bless You Always

    Thank you Mr. Davis for sharing the video

    May Allah bless all of Us and bring Us peace in the world! Insha’Allah

    With my deepest love & respect

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