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Holy Nativity Parish: High Liturgy, Progressive Involvements


Palm Sunday worship at Holy Nativity Church in Los Angeles

My wife and I visited our grandchildren the week before Easter, and visited an Episcopal church, the Holy Nativity Parish, in Los Angeles.


It was Palm Sunday, and the congregation gathered outside before worship, then marched around the church to the beat of a drum and the minor ancient melody of a bag piper.

My wife, who is a community gardener, was very impressed with the beautiful, meticulously kept community garden in the church’s side yard.  She also liked the sign out front that quotes Jimmy Hendrix:  “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”  Amen!

garden (1)

After worship we enjoyed a hearty luncheon served in the community hall, which is decorated with multicultural art.  (See the colorful mandala in the picture below, an example of the visual feast adorning the walls there.)


We heard that the congregation has an active prison visitation ministry, and that the priest, Peter Rood, founded a local meditation center.  Here, obviously, is a church that practices high liturgy, and also is very active in progressive social causes.  I look forward to future visits!


garden (2)

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